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Can oil stains be easily removed from a concrete driveway?

Not sure
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Question: Can oil stains be easily removed from a concrete driveway?
Top Answer (48% of 50 votes): Yes.

Answer: Yes
Explanation: With the right addtives
RP Enterprises
Answer: No
Explanation: It depends on how long the stain has been in the concrete. Concrete is pourus and will absorb most liquids. You must act quick to remove oil stains.
TN Concrete Restoration
Answer: Not sure
Explanation: Depending if the surface was sealed or not.
Elite Concepts
Answer: Yes
Explanation: Depending on the sealing process that the slab has undergone, it can be easy to remove oil stains. If the slab is left open and porous, it can be much more difficult once the oil penetrates into the pores of the concrete.
Maven Group LLC
Answer: No
Explanation: Depending on if and how often the driveway is maintained and properly sealed.
BAT Concrete llc
Answer: Yes
Explanation: You must create a paste and pull it away from the concrete
Wes Barca Rebuild Contractors
Answer: Not sure
Explanation: It depends on the extent of the stain.
Answer: Yes
Explanation: There are multiple chemical methods for removing oil or grease (both hydrocarbon-based materials) from concrete. Small spills or spots can sometimes be removed with nothing more then a strong detergent, a scrub brush, and a sponge. A more aggressive method is to use a commercial concrete cleaner or degreaser, a concentrated alkaline soap that's scrubbed into the concrete surface. The soap acts like ball bearings, loosening up the oil to permit easier removal. The downside is that typical degreasers don't actually break down the oil, so they won't work well on concrete that is heavily contaminated or has been contaminated for a long time. Also, they are more effective on porous concrete as opposed to concrete with a hard or dense finish.
Colorado Concrete
Answer: Yes
Explanation: Yes if a sealer was used when concrete was installed.
Concrete services
Answer: Yes
Explanation: We have a special acid formula to remove stains with no effect on integrity of the concrete.
BellPro Construction LLC
Answer: Yes
Explanation: Using the right technique and supplies. But it is tricky if it's a old stain.
A to Z Fence and Concrete
Answer: Yes
Explanation: If sealed correctly
Answer: No
Explanation: You really need to seal a driveway to help the life and the integemrity of it.
h and h company
Answer: Yes
Explanation: If the driveway is properly sealed.
Cornerstone Land Management
Answer: No
Explanation: Not unless it has been sealed.
Southern Quality Concrete
Answer: Yes
Explanation: Dry we will look different
Garcias Concrete Service LLC,
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