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How long does it typically take for a concrete driveway to fully cure?

0-2 weeks
2-4 weeks
4-6 weeks
6-8 weeks
Not sure
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Question: How long does it typically take for a concrete driveway to fully cure?
Top Answer (43% of 46 votes): 4-6 weeks.

Answer: 2-4 weeks
Explanation: To reach designed strength
Electric City Concrete
Answer: 2-4 weeks
Explanation: Concrete is cured enough for the psi to reach the 3000 psi that is needed to support vehicles, etc.
RP Enterprises
Answer: 4-6 weeks
Explanation: Cure times vary dependent on temperature and concrete mix. 28 days is the industry standard for cure time.
TN Concrete Restoration
Answer: 4-6 weeks
Explanation: Concrete cures over its lifetime. Concrete Curing is the process of concrete reaching its PSI strength. Typically, I recommend customers to wait 7 days before driving on a newly poured slab. Concrete will reach its full PSI strength within 28-36 days.
Cronin Construction & Resource Management, LLC
Answer: 4-6 weeks
Explanation: Concrete continues to build strength for months, but curing is typically considered to be substantially complete between 30-45 days.
Maven Group LLC
Answer: 4-6 weeks
Explanation: Depending on climate and weather conditions.
BAT Concrete llc
Answer: 4-6 weeks
Explanation: 28 days to cure.
Answer: 4-6 weeks
Explanation: Concrete will never fully cure; it continually hardens forever, although for all practical purposes, it reaches a point where further hardening will be so slow as to unnoticeable. Unless the mix has retarder (or some cement replacement material) in it, it will generally be hard enough to walk on in less than 24 hours. Mixes are usually specified with a design strength - the compressive strength that the concrete will reach in a period of time, typically 28 days. As a general rule, at 7 days it will have reached around two thirds to three quarters of the design strength. Don't worry about the water on the new concrete - it will help the concrete cure if it is kept damp after the initial set. The early stages of concrete curing is the hydration of the cement in the concrete.
Colorado Concrete
Answer: 0-2 weeks
Explanation: Usually 14 to 21 days in warm weather and a little longer in cooler weather.
Concrete services
Answer: 4-6 weeks
Explanation: Concrete takes 30 days to fully cure.
A to Z Fence and Concrete
Answer: Not sure
Explanation: Many variables! Full cure takes very long time
Answer: 4-6 weeks
Explanation: 28 days is typical curing time .Concrete should reach compessive stength by then
Answer: 2-4 weeks
Explanation: it all depends where you live in the country
Wilks Handyman Service
Answer: 6-8 weeks
Explanation: Concrete Never fully cures
Elite Construction
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