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Is an exposed aggregate concrete driveway more expensive than a standard concrete driveway?

Not sure
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Question: Is an exposed aggregate concrete driveway more expensive than a standard concrete driveway?
Top Answer (90% of 44 votes): Yes.

Answer: Yes
Explanation: Its more work
Answer: Yes
Explanation: ho yes you need to really know that you are doing when is a exposed aggregate concrete
Answer: Yes
Explanation: Exposed aggregate is more expensive than standard aggregate because it requires more material expense and labor expense. Exposed aggregate, although sometimes done using the "broadcast" method of aggregate embedment, is best done with concrete utilizing pea gravel as an aggregate component rather than other, more economical chipped or crushed aggregate. Additionally, it is best done using an application specific evaporation retarder applied topically in the closing stages of the finishing process. Following the finishing process, an additional crew trip to the site is required after the concrete has set and cured, to rinse off the retarder and surface mortar to expose the aggregate, thereby leaving the desired surface finish. These additional steps and components comprise the additional cost.
Maven Group LLC
Answer: Yes
Explanation: Yes, there are different materials and labor involved.
Answer: Yes
Explanation: A standard poured driveway with no colorings, stains or aggregates can be as low as $4 per square foot in some cases. However, adding in an aggregate and then going through the effort of exposing it can add a substantial amount to that cost. While some DIY-savvy homeowners might feel capable of pouring a standard concrete driveway on their own, exposing the aggregate is a much tougher process that will almost certainly necessitate professional assistance. After the concrete is poured, the aggregate exposed and the driveway has been cured, it will need to be sealed in order to bring out its shine. Then, every three to five years the driveway will need another seal in order to look its best and be protected against extremely hot or cold temperatures.
Colorado Concrete
Answer: Yes
Explanation: Yes materials and labor will be higher.
Concrete services
Answer: Yes
Explanation: Yes but not my much it takes more work.
A to Z Fence and Concrete
Answer: Yes
Explanation: Extra steps involved
Answer: Yes
Explanation: chmicals and exta cleaning and special sealing required
Answer: Yes
Explanation: But just by a little bit.
Southern Quality Concrete
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