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What is the standard thickness of a residential concrete driveway?

2-4 inches
4-6 inches
6-8 inches
Not sure
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Question: What is the standard thickness of a residential concrete driveway?
Top Answer (87% of 49 votes): 4-6 inches.

Answer: 4-6 inches
Explanation: Concrete slab are pour at between 4-6 inches for regulation.
Treasure Coast Concrete Polishing
Answer: 6-8 inches
Explanation: I recommend 6" 3500PSI-4500PSI concrete slabs to all of my clients wanting to install a new driveway. It might be cheaper in the short run to install a 4" 3000PSI concrete pad, but a 6"-8" pad will last much longer.
Cronin Construction & Resource Management, LLC
Answer: 4-6 inches
Explanation: Industry standard for light or moderate exposure exterior concrete paving or walks is 4".
Maven Group LLC
Answer: 4-6 inches
Explanation: 2 inches just isn't gonna cut it with any kind of traffic on it
Phoenix concrete services inc.
Answer: 4-6 inches
Explanation: the least you would want to pour anything is 4"
caydens concrete restoration inc
Answer: 4-6 inches
Explanation: 4" is average. Our company like to install 4+"
Answer: 2-4 inches
Explanation: Home builders are not going to spend more money than they have to when installing a driveway, they also do not allow enough curing time before allowing anything heavy on it. Thats why they crack after years of driving on them.
Charlton Team Home Renovations & Construction LLC.
Answer: 4-6 inches
Explanation: Place concrete at a minimum thickness of 4 inches. Increasing the thickness from 4 inches to 5 inches will add approximately 20% to your concrete cost, but will also boost your driveway's load-carrying capacity nearly 50%
Colorado Concrete
Answer: 4-6 inches
Explanation: on dryways I always recomed to put minim of 5" tick and reforced with 3# rebbars at 18"x18"
Answer: 4-6 inches
Explanation: 4 inch of concrete with rebar on 24 inch centers each way supported with rebar chairs is a good driveway for cars and trucks . Thicker for trash trucks and rv's.
Concrete services
Answer: 4-6 inches
Explanation: Typical driveway is 4" minimum thickness.
BellPro Construction LLC
Answer: 4-6 inches
Explanation: A number of factors go into deciding the thickness of concrete needed for you
Black Dirt Services LLC
Answer: 4-6 inches
Explanation: 4 inches is standard
Answer: 4-6 inches
Explanation: Installing a concrete driveway should be 4 to 5 inches thick and all edges should be turned down at 6 to 7 inches thick all the way around the drivrway
Lals Concrete Company,LLC
Answer: 4-6 inches
Explanation: Most residential driveways are 4-6 inches. It is always good to check your local building codes and to consider things that may apply to your own situation. How many cars will you have parked at any given time? How many cars may be going in and out? What types of cars?....small compact cars, heavy trucks, or heavy recreational vehicles? These are all important things to consider and will help in determining the thickness of concrete that needs to be installed.
Texas Precision Paving, LLC
Answer: 2-4 inches
Explanation: Residential concrete driveways are typically 4"
Concrete & Beauty Design
Answer: 4-6 inches
Explanation: You could add fiber for strength
Garcias Concrete Service LLC,
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