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What type of driveway requires the least amount of maintenance?

Brick or Concrete Pavers
Macadam (Tar & Chip)
Recycled gravel (or recycled asphalt product)
There is no difference
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Question: What type of driveway requires the least amount of maintenance?
Top Answer (44% of 27 votes): Concrete.

Answer: Concrete
Explanation: Choosing the driveway material that's best for you often depends on your climate and budget. Concrete lasts longer, but asphalt driveways are less expensive to install. Asphalt needs more maintenance, but is generally easier to repair.
Paving Professionals, Inc.
Answer: Concrete
Explanation: Concrete is a very solid material. It lasts long and if installed correctly does not require maintenance, except for some cleaning. For cleaning your just need a broom and some water
Answer: Concrete
Explanation: Concrete is the most efficient way to go it long lasting than asphalt easy to clean there are no porous gaps and oil spots come up when you power wash it
Answer: Asphalt
Explanation: I think asphalt last longer than anything because it is able to be repaired concrete and brick driveways have to be replaced Asphalt does not
Roadrunner asphalt
Answer: Brick or Concrete Pavers
Explanation: Concrete and pavers are stronger than any Don't Need No Man
Answer: Asphalt
Explanation: An asphalt driveway does not require any maintenance you can put a sealcoating on it every five years or so if you feel the need.
Aj and son asphalt specialist
Answer: Recycled gravel (or recycled asphalt product)
Explanation: Recycled asphalt requires minimal maintanence because It hardens on its own if installed properly, no sealer or extra hardener is needed
Around Town Paving
Answer: Macadam (Tar & Chip)
Explanation: Tar and chip works well on long driveways or parking lots , A normal gravel driveway requires stone / grading every year . Chip seal is a process that has been used for over 100 yrs and is a hot liquid tar used as a glue and chip gravel is spread over the tar and compacted into the tar for a stable less maintained needed driveway . No cracks no sealer Asphalt is much cheaper then concrete , smaller driveways call for asphalt .
Corrigan Paving
Answer: Concrete
Explanation: But if broke you have to start again.
Morales Project Corp.
Answer: Brick or Concrete Pavers
Explanation: Pavers are one of the best materials to use for driveways. They cost more but requires way less maintenance.
Mullins Asphalt Paving
Answer: Asphalt
Explanation: Asphalt paving company
American asphalt paving
Answer: Concrete
Explanation: Generally with concrete there will tend to be less cracks to fill then with asphalt. Also many people like to keep their asphalt driveways looking very black in color to help with snow melt or they just like the look, so they will seal their driveways every 3 years or so.
United Paving Company
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