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Cost of Asphalt Driveway Installation

Asphalt Driveway Cost

The cost of installing an asphalt driveway can vary greatly. Before hiring a contractor to complete your project, take a few minutes to think about what you want and how much it’s going to cost. This article is intended to help you make an informed hiring decision.

Here’s a list of the key cost factors:

1. Your location. Where you live can play an important factor in the cost of your project. You should expect to pay a little more in a larger city than a rural, small town. Use the ProMatcher Driveway Cost Report to find the cost near you.

2. How far does the contractor need to travel? Working with local contractor is typically more affordable. If the contractor has to travel a long distance to reach your home, this may entail an additional cost.

3. Is this a new driveway? If you are building a brand new driveway, additional site preparation may be necessary before the installation can begin. This may include site clearing, stump removal, and ground improvement services, in addition to digging out the driveway.

4. Driveway replacement. If you are replacing a driveway, you should expect to pay for the removal or demolition of the existing driveway.

5. Size of driveway. Contractors typically charge by the square foot for asphalt driveway installation. Long driveways will almost always cost more than short ones. However, the price per square foot may be lower than

6. Grading, sloping, and site preparation. Flat driveways are typically cheaper than steep ones. The amount of excavation and grading needed may significantly impact the cost of installation. The type of subbase and subgrade used may also affect the cost. For certain driveways, it may be necessary to install a drainage system to prevent water from pooling on the surface. This will add to the overall cost of the project.

7. Curvy designs. You should expect to pay more for curves than straight lines.

8. Applying a sealer. Applying a sealer will add to the cost per square foot of installing an asphalt driveway. However, it will provide an additional layer of protection from the elements. If you're not sure what you need, get some more information about driveway sealing in our frequently asked questions area.

9. Borders. Installing a brick or stone border will come at an additional cost.

10. Driveway gate. If you would like to install a driveway gate, this will come at an additional cost. A manually operated gate is going to be cheaper than one with an automatic opener.

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Need some help with driveway installation? Let us match you to a local contractor.

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